Our Solutions

Maybe you suspect that your billable hours aren’t all being realized, or that your accounting department and project managers could communicate better. Maybe you’ve invested in new CRM or PM software, but deploying it is eating up your time. Whatever the challenge, we find solutions.

Agency‌ Performance‌ Audit

When‌ it‌ comes‌ to‌ assessing‌ the‌ performance‌ of‌ your‌ creative‌ agency,‌ knowing‌ where‌ to‌ look‌ (and‌ what‌ to‌ look‌ for)  LEARN MORE 

Agency‌ Principal Consulting

We work closely with agency Principals/Owners to fully realize the potential of their organization, by identifying the key People, Process and Technological factors limiting their success.   LEARN MORE 

Agency‌ Workflow

Does‌ your‌ agency‌ completely‌ reinvent‌ the‌ wheel‌ every‌ time‌ you‌ service‌ a‌ new‌ client?‌ Does‌ it‌ feel‌ like‌ engagements‌ unnecessarily  LEARN MORE 


Gathering‌ data‌ out‌ of‌ your‌ systems‌ to‌ get‌ actionable‌ information‌ that‌ allows‌ you‌ to‌ make‌ solid‌ business‌ decisions‌ is‌ one  LEARN MORE 

Internal‌ Agency‌ Performance Audit

Is‌ your‌ organization‌ in‌ the‌ process‌ of‌ building‌ its‌ own‌ internal‌ marketing‌ agency? ‌ Or‌ is‌ the‌ process‌ well‌ under‌ way  LEARN MORE 

Project‌ Management‌ Discipline Rollout

As Agency operations experts, we've witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly. We can confidently say that creative agencies that employ an Integrated Project Management discipline run vastly more smoothly than the ones that don't  LEARN MORE 

Workamajig‌ Deployment

Congratulations‌ on‌ selecting‌ Workamajig®!‌  With‌ so‌ many‌ Agency‌ Management‌ tools‌ in‌ the‌ marketplace‌ (integrated‌ and‌ non-integrated),‌ selecting‌ the‌ right‌ solution  LEARN MORE 

Workamajig‌ Performance‌ Audit

Your‌ intentions‌ were‌ good,‌ hopes‌ were‌ high‌ and‌ your‌ team‌ was‌ motivated…yet,‌ your‌ considerable‌ investment‌ into‌ Workamajig®‌ is‌ not‌ meeting  LEARN MORE 

Workamajig‌ Redeployment

Creative‌ Performance‌ Inc.‌ specializes‌ in‌ helping‌ organizations‌ overcome‌ the‌ inherent‌ challenges‌ related‌ to‌ deploying‌ (and‌ maintaining)‌ a‌ powerful‌ +‌ flexible  LEARN MORE