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  • Who are our most profitable clients?
  • Who are our most valuable employees?
  • What are our most profitable services?
  • What areas of the organization needs our attention?
  • Can we afford to pursue high-risk opportunities?
  • Can we afford to aggressively expand?
  • Can we afford to profit share?
  • Are we executing against our strategic goals?
  • Are we financially healthy?
  • Are we an attractive target for merger or acquisition?

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Word On The Street

I believe AgencyStory is a game changer. I have not seen a tool that provides this level of detail and information anywhere.

Indra Bowers, CEO

i.d.e.a Creative

It’s clear to me that marketing services firms could greatly leverage tools like AgencyStory to create lasting competitive advantages within their industry. In fact, every industry needs such a story.

Jeff Honsowetz, CPA, CEO

Interject Data

This is excellent work, and should be held up as a benchmark in the marketing services industry, as the type of stuff you should be doing!

Steve Wexler, CEO, Author

The Big Book of Dashboards

A truly unique solution for the marketing services industry. In an era of depressed rates and growing client expectations, this tool shows me where I am and where I’m going.

Paul Turley, CEO, Author   

SQL 2016: Reporting Services

This team is extremely knowledgeable about Workamajig and ERP systems, and is exceptionally credible in delivering all levels of information related to agency financial management and operations.

Rachel Saidman, Dir. Operations

Comrade Agency

Pick Your Data's Brain

Utilization Scorecard

Allows agency principals to easily understand the financial impact of how time is being invested across their organization.

Realization Scorecard

Allows agency principals to easily understand the financial impact of billable work that is not being billed to clients.

Financial Scorecard

Enables agency principals to quickly see the financial ramifications of their operational and cultural decisions.

Utilization Dashboard

Helps managers truly understand where their teams are spending their billable and non-billable time.

Realization Dashboard

Gives managers the tools necessary to address how and why billable work is not being billed to clients.

Internal Agency

Provides marketing executives the necessary data to defend budgets, grow headcount and establish organizational value.

Employee Dashboard

Help agency principals identify and reward overachievers, improve employee performance and address systemic challenges.

Client Dashboard

Helping agencies move beyond logo value… to truly understand which clients are actually healthy for your culture, while fueling growth.

Department Dashboard

Provides the CFO critical insights into departmental performance, coupled with the power of a sophisticated financial scenario calculator.

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