We Serve

Agency Principal

For the risk-takers and dreamers responsible for the vision, integrity and growth of the whole organization.


For the professionals who bring fiscal sanity to the creative process and who protect the health of the organization.

Client services

For those responsible for promoting your brand, landing business and making sure only the best reaches the client.

Director of Ops/PM

For the leaders responsible for herding cats… keeping the wheels on the cart and getting “the work” done.

What We Do

Address the issues that keep you from sharing the wealth, getting the best talent and landing the right brands.
Improve the quality and velocity of projects going through your agency… while protecting your culture and creative.
Helping leadership obtain actionable data that removes the ambiguity and uncertainty of tough decisions.
Ensure that the single largest investment in time and resources in your organization goes off without a hitch.

What Others Say

"The CPI experience is less about software deployment and more about agency synergy..."

Trevor Graves

Principal, Nemo Design

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